Family. My grandparents Mary and Rufus Heidenreich owned a farm on Rocky Valley Road Angaston, near Menglers Hill.  My father was one of seven children. He and his siblings attended Vine Vale School. At one stage there were only 10 students attending, 7 of them being my dad and his brothers and sisters. When we were young we had great family gatherings. As children we “helped” handpick fruit during harvest season. There were 19 grandchildren, which should have been a handy picking gang, but we used to muck around? and goof off a lot, and most of the effective picking was done by the older generation.  We were a very close family and had wonderful gatherings with some amazing German influenced cooking.  Our Grandmother Mary made us promise before she died that we would all stick together and stay close, which we have, and have regular “Heidenreich” family reunions, which have been huge!

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